StickyWire Directory Platforms

Do It Yourself Directory

It’s easy to create your own directory using the Stickywire Directory Platform. This is ideal for real estate agents, bloggers and many others. Just fill in our simple form to customize your directory. Use our pre-populated listings with your own listings or build your own list using a form to invite your selected members. Learn More

Real Estate Agent Directories

The Stickywire Real Estate Service directory was created for Real Estate Agents who want to avoid the work and worry of referring other companies to their clients. Now, when an agent is asked, “Where can I find a service company,” they can point their clients to the customized service directory linked to the agent’s own web site. Learn More

Newspaper Directories

Newspapers today need every competitive advantage they can muster; one of the best ways to attract audience and additional revenue is by mounting a directory of services on the newspaper’s web site. The Stickywire Directory Replicator can be customized, up and running quickly with national, regional and local listings and advertising opportunities for any size newspaper or newspaper chain. Learn More

Media & Network Publishers

Stickywire’s directory platforms, content and video-based and easily targeted to specific markets, are ideal solutions for media publishers and networks looking for added services to offer along with additional revenue streams. Our platforms can be customized easily and quickly to match the host site’s look and feel. They come pre-populated with optional content, and it’s a snap to add your own listings on a free or paid basis. Earn revenue shares from pre-sold advertising and sell your own into your new directory pages. Learn More

Blog Platforms and Users

A new application is now available for Bloggers and it is an intriguing one that adds a large measure of value to a multitude of blogs in all genres including blogs that are meant to be total social experiences all the way to the blogs that reside on the very edge of traditional commercialized news and information business models. This application is the Blog Directory. Learn More