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This is not a home or commercial property listing site – this directory complements the Multiple Listing Service and Realtor sites by listing all the professional and trades people and companies who are essential to property buying, selling, inspecting, building and renovating.

StickyWire publishes directories like this across the country. A local real estate expert lays sole claim to the local directory. Then, this publisher – YOU – begins to build traffic.

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To stake your claim you must have some experience in real estate services such as a realtor, mortgage broker, home inspector, renovator, title insurer, R/E lawyer, blogger or other.

Once you claim this directory, you get use of all the content, design and lists you see on the StickyWire site. You stake your claim to this superb resource.

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As you write, StickyWire reduces your directory claim fee proportionately. Write five articles a month and pay less. Write 10 articles a month and pay much less. Write regularly and watch your claim fee drop. Take a month easy and your fee adjusts accordingly.

The more traffic you attract with valuable information about real estate and your part in it, the more people see your name and learn about your special services.

More traffic also means you offer a great guide to more and more of your neighbors and prospective clients. Your credibility and visibility rise and your business benefits.

You will receive space in directory pages for advertising that you can sell to realtors or other providers. You keep the money you charge for your designated ad space.

While the directory already has a long list of R/E providers, you can add more by monthly subscription. Add new listings free; then upsell to advanced listings. This subscription revenue is shared with StickyWire; you get 60%!

StickyWire creates real estate services directories for every city in the country. These are not home or commercial property listing sites. These are directories of the hundreds of other categories of professionals needed by people who buy and sell real estate, from well diggers to lawyers and notaries specializing in real estate and many others. StickyWire directories are recognized as the place to come when you want to find real pros and solid information about real estate beyond the MLS.

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