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Real Estate Agent Services Directory PlatformBetter Service with less Work and Worry

How do you answer the client’s question: “Where can I get a home inspector … contractor … mortgage…?" 

Your options:

  1. give the client a name of a local service provider – and worry about the results and an apparent conflict of interest;
  2. reply “I don’t know” and deny your client a valuable, extra service;
  3. refer the client to another directory like Yellow Pages and force the client to do the work, no thanks to you.

Now, you have another option that offers your client the best service while saving you from keeping tabs on service providers in your area, and the substantial worry of how your referred company will perform.

We’re talking about your own Real Estate Services Directory. It looks like your very own directory accessible from your existing web site. This solution maintains or enhances your high level of service. It also enables your client to make an better- informed choice and to take all the responsibility for that choice.

Here’s how it works.

We provide you with a fully-functioning directory, listing appropriate service categories like home inspectors, building and renovation contractors, landscapers, mortgage brokers and so on.

You make the directory your own by filling out a simple form and choosing your color scheme.

You choose whether you want the directory ‘pre-populated’ – filled with most of the service companies in your area – empty so that you can build the directory with your preferred suppliers – or a combination.

Companies you invite to your listings or review will be listed at the top of directory searches.

Service providers can insert full listings in the directory, including name and contact information, location maps, web site links, optional video, reviews, and much more.

Whenever you get that question, “Where can I get …”, just answer, “Go to My Real Estate Services Directory.” The client sees your directory, your preferred companies, your reviews, PLUS up-to-date information about each supplier. The client makes the final choice.

As well as providing better service to clients, you have the option of making money from your directory.

  1. You can offer free listings to your preferred providers (home inspectors, cleaners, stagers, landscapers, etc.). This helps you boost local business while providing better service to your clients.
  2. You can offer paid listings to your preferred providers. Set your own prices for listings in your directory and keep your revenues.
  3. You may get a share of advertising revenue from pre-sold advertising appearing on directory pages. Local ads can be included.

It’s easy to set up your own Real Estate Services Directory and to invite preferred providers to sign up to your directory.

What do you get?

  • A competitive advantage through delivering better service to clients.
  • Less work in maintaining supplier lists and handout cards or brochures.
  • No worries about assuming responsibility or blame for service providers’ performance.
  • Optional income from listing charges and advertising revenue sharing.

 Better Service. Less Work and Worry

The Real Estate Services Directory for Real Estate Agents

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