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Media Publishers and agency networks can benefit from directoriesAs providers of information, Media Publishers and Agency Networks can benefit significantly by adding directories to their offerings. It makes little sense for a publisher or agency to build loyal audiences and to provide them with one of the best research tools on the Internet only to abandon the user who wants to bring research to a practical conclusion.

In other words, the publisher may tell a web site visitor everything that user wants to know about how to invest his or her money except where to go to find a bank, mortgage lender or accountant. With a directory, the publisher or agency covers the whole chain from originating an idea in the user’s mind, enabling in depth research about the subject, and giving the user a list of resources which can help the user carry out the idea.

The publisher or network member that doesn’t have a directory by which a user can put research to practical work is a publisher or member that leaves the user dissatisfied, unfulfilled and in search of another web site. Today’s online directories satisfy not only the need to find suppliers for specific projects. They raise the bar for data searches, mapping, illustration of goods and services, advertising, marketing, web site design and other functions related to practical research.

In fact, directories are extremely popular and perhaps essential offerings for eMagazine publishers, Advertising Agencies, Real Estate Agents and other publishers and network members.

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