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Directories for newspaper publishersToday, a newspaper of any size can offer customers a very valuable additional resource and can realize for itself considerable revenue from a brand new stream simply by licensing a directory platform.

Online directories add significant value to the newspaper brand because they simplify searches through databases and raise the bar for data searches, mapping, illustration of goods and services, advertising, marketing, web site design and other functions related to the kind of research that drives us to buy newspapers and magazines in the first place.

A newspaper can use a directory to list anything from businesses, social and recreational facilities and other community resources. The directory can guide users to stores, restaurants, movie houses, municipal buildings and thousands of other locations. The directory can point readers to services like home improvement contractors, realtors, healthcare facilities, and so on. They can be as general as life itself for the typical community paper or daily, or tightly focused for the trade newspaper or magazine.

Directories can be expensive to develop and maintain but directory platforms from Stickywire are available, affordable, scalable and quick to implement for newspapers of any size. The platform can come pre-populated, ready to boost circulation as well as ad and listing revenues.

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