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Blog Platforms and Blog Users - Directory Platform

Directory Platform for BlogsA new application is now available for Bloggers and it is an intriguing one that adds a large measure of value to a multitude of blogs in all genres including blogs that are meant to be total social experiences all the way to the blogs that reside on the very edge of traditional commercialized news and information business models. This application is the Blog Directory.

It is now possible for the Blogger to acquire a directory platform and attach it to the Blog with transparent access for the visitor. This means, for example, a Blogger sharing fashion info with friends can easily and quickly create a directory listing all her – or his – favorite shoe stores, clothing stores, spas and cosmetic boutiques. A community advocate’s blog directory could guide blog visitors to community facilities like seniors’ clubs, swimming pools, day care centers and so on. A directory sponsored by a large, information and news blog could direct visitors to many categories of services and products.

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