About StickyWire Directories

StickyWire Platform is owned and operated by a team of dedicated and talented design and technology people.  For over a decade, we have been producing cutting-edge directory and content platform technology.  Connecting businesses with their target customers through various online channels and providing individuals and publishers some pretty cool technology that suits their needs in an ever growing "DIY" online pubishing universe.

Our mission for the StickyWire Real Estate local directories is to connect homeowners and home service providers geared towards real estate (buying and selling) needs.  This site not only provides an easy way to find, evaluate and choose home service businesses, it also provides you with referrals from other homeowners who have experience with them. With original real estate and home related articles and posts from our writers and related real estate industry professionals in local areas.

If you are a top-notch home service provider and not part of the directories, please sign up today on any of our directories.

For more information about StickyWire Technologies please contact us.