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by Stickywire on Sunday June 17, 2012

Tools – what man and a lot of handywomen could resist an addition to the toolbox, especially when it’s an innovative piece of reno hardware.

Powerful 20-volt cordless, lithium battery tools are becoming very popular because they are claimed to  get up to 35 per cent more runtime per charge than 18-volt tools which are the current standard. In this line you can find a compact ½-inch hammerdrill, ¼-inch impact driver, flashlight, three-tool combo kit and four-tool kit with a hammerdrill, circular saw, reciprocating saw and flashlight.

At a lower price and power level there is the 12-volt line, offering a 3/8-inch drill/driver kit, a compact ¼-inch impact driver kit and a two-tool combo pack. Each comes with two lithium batteries, charger, storage bag and bit and belt clip. A cordless 12-volt drill/driver will be yours for about a hundred bucks or less.

Then there is brushless technology, the latest innovation. Tools with brushless motors may last longer because wear and tear causing friction on internal parts is reduced, along with energy usage. These motors are quieter and cool quickly. Of course, these tools are exactly cheap but they are affordable for the busy DIYer or professional. Who needs a new hammer drill or drill driver. 

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