Lighting plan is essential

by Stickywire on Friday June 15, 2012

Lighting is essential to good interior design but it is often overlooked by householders who do their own decorating. Lighting manufacturers are turning out so many wonderful creations, this is truly a shame. Light planning should be a part of the initial outline for the perfect home.

Some lighting available today is unobtrusive and the least intrusive of these is the pot light. Pot lights can be found today installed in dens, entranceways, kitchens and family rooms as well as living rooms and basements where ceiling height can rule out any hanging lamps. No longer are pot lights restricted to dinner-plate size spots; there are small potlights for under kitchen cabinets – great for creation waterfalls of light down attractive backsplash. There are pot lights for ceilings and walls and to illuminate any dark space in the home.

Placement of pot lights is critical. A good lighting plan will result in placement of lights that eliminate shadows in the kitchen or on your newspaper as you read it in your favorite chair.  There is no glare in your eyes as you watch TV.

Lighting designers will put dimmer switches on lights and probably on every light in the place. You can have too few lights but never too many if you can adjust them with dimmers to suit infinite conditions. Dimmers also create perfect ambience.

Other lighting is available from pendant lights that add elegance and whimsy to areas such as over the breakfast bar or in staircases, to wall sconces. Dimmer switches and pot lights are also economical; their use reduces the number of expensive table lamps you need, while good pendant lighting adds special touches that add surprise and enchantment in well-chosen areas of the home. 

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