Outfit your deck for year-round living

by Stickywire on Friday June 15, 2012

If your outdoor deck is a just a way to get from the back door to the yard, you need a makeover and today’s outdoor furniture and other fixings make the changeover pretty easy. You aren’t stuck with outdoor furniture that will rust or plastic webbing that begins with discomfort and ends by decaying into junk in just a season.

As most of us know these days, from scanning a few magazines, outdoor furniture looks as good as, or even better than, the stuff we have indoors. As many of us are finding out, it has become affordable too and it can be used year round thanks to accompanying outdoor fireplaces and gas heaters for decks and patios. We no longer have to just eat outside; we literally can live outside. 

It’s time to clean up that back deck or redo it entirely. Outfit the deck with a recliner, a couple of beanbag chairs that have been re-invented as wonderfully comfortable outdoor seating, and other contemporary outdoor furniture. Don’t worry about covering it or bringing it inside in foul weather. Today’s furniture fabric is resistant to fading, soaking and staining. It is also mildew-proof and rustproof. Water isn’t shed from surfaces, it moves right through the materials and out again.

Outdoor furniture now looks superb with bright colors like lime green or elegant whites that stay white. Furniture makers are confident about their products too, offering long warranties that take the risk out of deck design for all year ‘round enjoyment. 

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